Bye bye MASK WL, Frenchfleur birthday contest.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One good news for you girls!
Anybody up for some FREEEEEEEEEBIEEES?!
Since it's my birthday on 5th july, (5 more days to go to 19!)

I'm having a MINI CONTEST! And the generous owner of frenchfleur,
is sponsering 3 pieces of apparels from Frenchfleur.livejournal
to the 3 winners with the best entry!


The 1st 3 entries that are able to make me laugh would win
one of these lovely pieces from!

Just email me at!!!
Contest would end on 5th july,
and i'll be announcing the winner on that day as well!

Look at what i've picked out for the lucky winners!

Weave Belt Tube Top_White
Casual white tube with a touch of vintage flare with the weaved belt.

2-pcs Casual Chiffon Dress
The oh-so-casual-yet-presentable, 2 piece chiffon dress!

Chiffon Frill Cocktail Dress
Everyone needs a LBD in their wardrobe.
Be special and win this sexy one-shoulder chiffon dress!

And of course FrenchFleur haven't forgotten the birthday girl!
Hahahas, They'll be sending me this as their birthday gift to me!

Eyelet Cut-Out Back Dress
So gorgeous right! Love it to bits! :D

Only 5 days more to the closing date~
I'll be announcing the winners on 5th july,
So remember to send your entry to!

Tell me your Funniest experience and
win free apparels from FrenchFleurs.LJ! (:

Yay! I'll be picking up my cheque on Wednesday,
dropping by ettusais's office to pick up the new products (HURRAY!),
then going to Milly's for threading & doing my nails there as well!

I'm still sorting out the pictures from my taiwan trip,
so be patient my loves! <3>

Watson bGLOW magazine issue 2

Monday, June 29, 2009



I'm finally back from taipeeeeeeeeeeei!
Home sweet home, 7 days of pure shopping maniaaaa~
I brought back close to 10 kg of clothes/shoes/bags/cosmetics luh!
So tired, lol. But so much fun and cute stuff to see!

I've got like 300 over mails to clear,
hahahaha, good luck to me!
I'll update with my taipei trip post(s) sooooon! :D

Anyway, Watson have just released
their second issue of GLOW magazine!
Go grab it! $2 with so much helpful tips/info is definitely worth the money!
Watson is giving away a super cute cosmetic pouch as the GWP of the magazine!

watson you1
Just dropped by to Watson's and grabbed a copy of Glow,
and i love the BIRRRRRRRRRRDIE design pouch! So cute! ^0^

For this issue, you gotta check out Bright Spark,
shows you how to0 use bright eye shadows but yet not look WAYANG!
It's summer time! Remove those smoky eye makeup & go colourful!

Never know what kind of base makeup to use?
Liquid foundation, cream type, 2-way cakes
There's an article on finding your the correct foundation
for your own skin type to achieve that polished perfection look!


I heard so many people telling me that the 1st workshop
Watson had afew months back was really good &
they had so much fun at the workshop and stuff!

So naturally, everyone wanted more! :D


Workshop round #2 !!!

15 August 2009 @ Hotel Intercontinental
Check out more details and how to sign up
on Page 80 of the Glow magazine!

(Registration fee: $25 - inclusive of goodie bag and light refreshments!)

Join GLOW Facebook Page to get more updates! :

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:

Shopping shopping shopping!
Some light shopping before i fly off to taiwan in afew hour's time! :D
4 more hoooooooours! I'm so excited,
shall be back with a looooooooong blogpost! hehe

All the clothes in Loef are totally afforable,
pretty much cheaper than any other blogshops i've came across with!
The owner tries to source and bring in the latest trends

you see in the magazines, and more versatile pieces,
Such as this one here!

Wear it as a tube top, or a sexy bottom!



And she tries to bring in classic pieces such as the LBD
that everyone needs in their closet!
And casual wear, office wear!



Loef is having special promotion as well!

Just blog about loef, link to their site & do a short entry about them, and get $4 discount off your total bill!

Here are the terms and conditions for the blog promo!

Your blog has to be active for minimum 2 mths, links should be well-placed, insert your favourite item from Loef and do a 2-liners on why you love it, and simply credit the picture to and you get your discount!

Watson YOU Awards: VOTING!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:

TRemember my previous post on the Watson YOU Awards?
Here's the link, just to refresh your memory! :D

TSo how many of you registered for the YOU Awards!
Hope the majority of you did, the prizes are like so attractive luh!
Winner of EACH category wins $2'000 in cash,
1 year modelling contract for GLOW (Watson's inhouse magazine)
+ 1 year supply of Sponser's products!


TEven if you missed out on the registration, Don't be sad!
You can still stand a good chance of winning the..




Simply vote for the correct winner of each category,
and you stand to win a $50 product hamper
PLUS $100 worth of WATSON'S VOUCHER!!

How awesome is that! Winning all that just for voting
I WAAAAAAAANT~ LOL, I'll spend it on hair products,
body moisturizers, skin care... AND COSMETICS!
LOL, By now everyone should know that i'm a beauty junkie!

So go and vote now!!!
Who do you think would win the Awards?
I've voted! Cross my fingers and hope i win! Hehehe

Check out this page to find out how to vote and win prizes!

crab party/pack luggage/shirley birthday

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Sharon: Hi dear! it really depends on your likings,
if you prefer the more powdery heavy coverage look
you can go for zero pore pact, but if you prefer good coverage,
yet still have the dewy look get the flat design liquid!

Girl: Hey babe, Sheer matte powder EXTRA is the one
if you have oily, problem skin!

Shu Fen: Hahahs, thanks! But long hair don't suit me leh!

Reader: Hahahs, i'm going too!

Leen: i have some previous highlights,
and then they cover it up with red luh!

Jvunne: OMGGGGG, same bday?!
LOL what a coincidence! Which hospital then you POP out from!

Felicia: Don't have ah! SO SLOOOOW I WANNA BLOG! LOL

Dumdum: LOL! where got so thick skin one!

Roseline: Eh, i use both!
hahas tampons when i wanna go swim,
Why leh? :x

Passerby: Lol, tatoo? Not really my style leh! hahas

Passerby: Hahahs, no time to do video leh!

Junejune: Really ah, is it available everywhere or
do i have to go to a specific place to get that? :D

Darling Shirley's birthday was last week,
argh, i've got no time to blog at all!

I think i really love her alot luh!
After work at 9pm, went to wait for cab at the taxi stand
at far east plaza, waited for more than 40 mins!!!

So damn tired please.
So pardon me cos i look so shagged in the pictures below!

The flowers that wilted from all the cigg smoke in the room!

And my auntie's as dead as those wilted roses as well. :x


What a birthday lor! LOL.


And one
of esther's colleague is actually Shir's friend!
So she dropped by and wished her happy birthday,
chit-chat with me for abit, camwhore and LEFT!


Shirley was like suuuuuper scared of even sitting infront of her cake luh!
Lol, so funny, she was like almost half-begging everyone
to not push her face into the cake!
She said she rather jump/get thrown into the pool!

Lol, as soon as we took out the cake everyone "SIAM!" to
one corner of the room to avoid the "cake war"!

LOL, the super red yuling after downing some martell!
I have like no pictures of you and me from that night luh! Pouts~


Lol, super wtf expression!!!

And i stayed till 1am +, and when the room started getting smoky,
i left! Omg, i board the taxi and i sniffed my hair
and it stinks from all the cigg smoke.


Boyf and i went for craaaaaaaab the other night while
watching slumdog millionair on dvd in the comfort of his home!
While waiting for the crab to be prepared, CAMWHORE! :D


We always go to Crab Party @ serangoon garden area?
Garett, leon's brother 1st brought us there 1 year ago?
So we always get discounts, lots of free food,
and one several occasion, the boss even gave us a whole crab
when we bought one! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
LOL! Shiokness luh.

Yum, totally awesome, even the fried rice is nice. lol

And this is the only part of the crab that i do eat!
Hehehe, boyf always give me both,
and once the boss saw me eating both, he commented
that boyf was so sweet to treat me like his queen! lol.
all the good stuff for me!

Starting to pack for my 7day trip in taiwan for monday!


ARGH, i really have noooooo time!

On my off day on Saturday,
i've got exams so i've gotta study study study,
and i've got tonnes of advertorials to complete,
and i have to drop by the money changer to change $,
and gotta go to ikea to check out beds for boyf
when he's moving house in afew months time!


I'm not even half done yet, lol now i've only got my toiletries
lingerie, bikini and a couple of shorts and my Aero hoodie in there.

Boyf and i went to Tampines 1 for the 1st time on monday!
hheheh, went to meet up a spree organizer
to collect my la senza lingerie! La senza always ships sooooo quickly!
only to 3 days to reach singapore. Omg.

And i saw the Samantha Thavasa wallet i wanted!
I'm going to order it next month~

Went to this resturant and tried some weird stuff:
Such as the laksa creamy soup,
It's really weird at 1st, but after awhile it actually tasted pretty good!

Tokyo pizza,
The mayo is the ooooonly redeeming factor,
or else it's really pretty plain and not that fantastic~

Wanted to try the cakes but the both of us was exploding
by then after 4 slices of pizza each!

Look at my super cute babieeeeeeeeesssss~~~


Hmmm, Soon-ish.

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:
I wanna go catch Weeds S05 episode 2 now,
then go catch some sleep already!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:

The lovely ladies from MoniqueBella, Alethia & Munyee
was really sweet to sponser me some really gorgeous apparels!

This is one of them! So sweet right,
Totally appropriate for that upcoming anniversary
dinner with your boyf, or even a wedding dinner!

Love it that they are so efficient so i receive my loots in 2 days!

The apparels from MoniqueBella are imported from all over the world
and they're offering them at such reasonable & totally affordable prices.

What's even better?
They even do meetups for customer who're afraid to lose
their loots in the mail or if they need the clothes urgently.
Love it that these girls from MoniqueBella are so considerate~

Look at some of the lovely apparels from the latest collection.
i had a hard time picking which piece i would like to get!

Check out the totally exclusive Audrey Hepburn pouches
that they are carrying as well!

They even have accesories! Hahahs,
i hope they bring in cosmetics etc as well!
So it'll really be a all-in-one shopping site!

Anyway, here's a treat for my readers only! ^-^
when you're ordering just state
And get 5% off any purchases!

And rmb to join their mailing list!
Cos all mailing list customer get to enjoy $2 off their purchases
for their subsequent collections! (:

And! MoniqueBella would be at Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun @ Home Club,
This saturday, 20th June!

New collection would be launched at the flea itself and apparels
from past collections are all going from below $25!
So do remember to drop by Home Club this sat!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waiting for the pictures from yuling & fel from shirley's birthday!
The two sloooooow-pokes!
Yuling is THE slowpoke!


Just complete my very 1st month of work and got my 1st pay!

Parents overseas for the next few days,
so i'll be home aloneeeeeeeee~


Say goodbye my super blah-ish shoulder length hair!
I'm chopping it off at Clover's today with boyf~

I'm sooooo excited! :D
counting down 8days to my taiwan trrrrrrrrrip!
Going to spend my 1st pay there! heh.

I'll be back by the 28th,
then 2,3,4 July i'm on leave again!
My birthday is on 5th july and i'm still thinking of how to celebrate it!
Omg, i'm gonna be 19 already! NINETEEEEEEEN.

Give me some suggestions alrighty! (:

Ettusais summer eyeshadow collection 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ettusais have released 7 new candylicious shades
into their eyeshadow range!


Omg, and i loooooove colourful stuff,
i'm so in love with this summer collection!
I love how it goes on really smoothly,
all i have to do is dab my eyeshadow brush lightly
and it would pick up the colour, most importantly,
it doesn't crease even after 12 hours of application?!

So many candy-tone colours,
but how do you wear it without looking WAYANG?!
Lemme show you how i can look fresher with the bright eyeshadows,
without overdoing it.

If you're very much a neutral girl, try this!
It will open up your eyes instantly~
It's so simple, but it makes so much difference!


Apply your neutral shade on your eyelids, blend,
and i applied Shade GR1 on my lower lashline.
and TA-DAAAAAAA! A brighter, fresher look that suits everyone,
not too bold, not to colourful, works for a casual day out or even work!

Hahahas, i've been wearing this look for the past one week to work
and i always get compliments that my makeup always look very fresh!



Love Ettusais' Candylicious eyeshadow!

Visit for more rockin' skincare/cosmetics!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OMFG, the new moon trailer is ooooooooooout!
Go watch go watch! I'm sure there's lots of twilight fan
reading my blog as well right!

Omfg, i'm at working now and i was surfing the net for abit and i saw this!!!
Omg the new moon traileeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr!
Taylor Lautner is sooooooo hooooooot, bloody hell!

Loves, fidelis

Ettusais Vacance Nails, Summer collection!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

YAY! Ettusais Vacance Nails, Summer collection! :D
Have you girls seen the miniature nail polishes Ettusais had last year as well?
I remember going all ga-ga over it and purchased several bottles!

It's so cute, Lol, it's like the length of my pinky finger!
Anyway, do you know whhhhhy are they in such cute tiny bottles?

Just think about it, how many bottles of full-sized nail polish
can you afford buy if it's like 20bucks a pop?

Plus we usually don't get to finish them
& we buy new colours again right?
So these petite bottles won't waste any colour OR money!

And when we're doing nail art,
OF COURSE we need to have a whoooole variety of colours right!

Look at the whole selection of colours
they have for these Summer mini series!


And Ettusais is now selling these cuties at only S$4 per bottle!
So you can grab as many as you want yet not feel the pinch~

And by the way, Ettusais is feeling geeeeeeenerous!
From 5-11 June 2009,
They're giving you a complimentary express
manicure voucher, courtesy of Shanghai Dreams.


IF YOU SIMPLY PURCHASE 3 of these mini-sized nail polish!
So you spend $4 x 3 = 12 (You get 3 colours, and a free manicure!)

And and and!
Check out what i did with my Ettusais Vacance nail polish
plus some swarovski blinnnnnnng! :D

I picked this 3 colours!
Cos i already got the fuchsia, gold etc last year!

Got out all my blinnnnnngs!

I love the pastel pink and all the other tropical colours!

Apply the silver/glittery shade!

Throw in afew blings and apply my topcoat and i'm ready to goooooo!


Anyway, check out the upcoming Nail Art Workshop,

Saturday, 13 June
3.00 - 5.00pm
Beauty Studio, Grange Road, Orchard Building #12-01

Call Ettusais at 6739 8697 to purchase a $30 FULLY-REDEEMABLE voucher!

i'm sure lots of you girls are interested!
I'm interested toooo! Pouts, but i'm working on that day ):
Have fun girls! ^-^